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Monday, October 26, 2015

Houston Metro Surgical Center Reaches New Patient Milestone!

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Congratulations to the Houston Metro Urology Surgical Center for reaching a record  milestone! Through hard work and unprecedented care to patients, the surgical center has over 505 confirmed cases this month and is even expecting more next month. The highly trained staff is optimistic about the increase in patients and is ready for expansion.
Continuing to make sure patients have a successful procedure and are attended to with utmost care has always been their number one priority. Leading this team is none other than Vicki Turner. Under her managing, the surgical center runs like a well oiled machine and has been consistently flourishing over the years. It has a patient satisfaction rating of 98.6% due to her inspiring the staff and nurses to perform at their best and stay motivated.

“Our growth is a combination of of team work, sacrifice, long hours, and hard work. We are excited about our growth, but our patients are always our number one focus” says Chanelle (nurse supervisor), “We are always ready to take on new challenges.”

“I didn’t care what our numbers were, I just wanted to take care of our patients.” says Latoya, (nurse supervisor). “The surgical center staff is supportive of one another. We just work well together. Vicki is very supportive and fills in when needed.”

As Houston expands, Houston Metro Surgical Center will continue to innovate and deliver the best  healthcare possible. Serving Houston to provide a better quality life is their goal. Special thanks to all who makes this possible and save lives every day.  

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