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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Women's Sexual Health

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Some things are just better left unsaid right? Society has put social boundaries on women not to express or talk about their sexuality. But what if your sexuality is physically and mentally detrimental to your health?
It seems like there is nowhere to turn and nobody to talk too. There is a sense of entrapment that can overwhelm your insecurities because you feel as though you’re the only one who is suffering from this problem. You’re not alone and you don’t have to suffer. Many women are now discovering that this is an actual condition that affects women of all ages. It’s called Women’s Sexual Dysfunction and it is treatable. There are multiple symptoms of sexual dysfunction that can be affecting you.

                 If you are experiencing:

-Lack of desire or interest

-Have an inability to become aroused or excited

-Delayed or absent orgasm

 -Struggle with pain during sex

 These are all symptoms that are highly treatable.

Now who do you talk too professionally and confidentially about these problems?

You want someone who can understand both the psychological and anatomical (medicinal) aspects of your issue. Fortunately, there are Women’s Sexual Health Clinics that specialize in this exact field. Their experienced staff is proficient in handling specific cases unique to each individual.

Before visiting the clinic, your approach and attitude need to be positive and open. The idea is to “help the doctors help you.” If you withhold information from your doctor, they will not be able to guide you to the proper solution.  

Bringing your spouse can be beneficial or a drawback. It’s great to have support there, but you also want to be as honest as possible with your doctor. Ask yourself if you are comfortable discussing your condition in front of your spouse as to not create more problems between the two of you.

Through honesty and the will to seek help, you will find peace with your sexual health. Take that first step and contact your local Women’s Sexual Health Clinic. There’s hope waiting for you.
Local Houston Clinic-HMU-Dr. Filmar         

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