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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ED = Erectile Dysfunction

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Not feeling in the mood like you used to? It's not that you have stopped loving your spouse; you just can’t get your libido pumping. What’s the deal? You are thinking about turning to some medications (I.E. Viagra and Cialis) but have you considered what could be the underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction? There is a wide range of explanations that could be responsible. Anything from depression to obesity can make you feel the way you do and kill your libido. Let’s explore a few.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Depression is an obvious cause, but is surprisingly neglected as a reason. It can bring you down to your lowest point and ruin almost every aspect of your life including your sex drive. If you take medication for your depression, the erectile dysfunction becomes even worse; further subduing your sex drive and making it more difficult to gain an erection. And if that wasn’t enough, it delays your orgasm during sex even if you do manage to get an erection. So what other medications do this?

Certain ingredients in medications make it virtually impossible to gain an erection. If you take any pain medications, specific blood pressure drugs, or antidepressants, this may be your problem. Antidepressants increase serotonin in the spinal cord, which can put your sexual functions in disorder. In regards to high blood pressure medication; high blood pressure alone in males stops the arteries in your penis from dilating like they’re supposed to. When you add medication to the mix, you can abandon all hope. An ingredient called diuretics is commonly found in blood pressure drugs. The contents of diuretics causes ED by decreasing the effort of blood flow to the penis. They also reduce the amount of zinc that enters the body which promotes the production of testosterone. Low testosterone means low sex drive, and there are other factors besides the decline of zinc in the body that lowers testosterone. Obesity and self image can be just as guilty. 

Studies have shown the men who are on the heavier side tend to have lower testosterone. Letting yourself go “health wise” is never a good idea. Studies have shown that the most common causes of overweight men who are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are high blood pressure and low testosterone. 

If you are one of these men, seek help as soon as possible. The longer you prolong your check up, the more unhappy you will become. Erectile dysfunction can be detrimental both physically and mentally. Talk to your doctor and see what is right for you.

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