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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just a Call Away

Doctor: Gilad Filmar, MD

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Around Thanksgiving, Susan realized something was wrong. She felt pressure and extreme discomfort in her pelvic region; she had to get help. After paying a visit to her regular doctor, Susan discovered she was suffering from pelvic prolapse and if not treated soon her symptoms would  progressively become worse. Knowing that Susan needed someone specialized in Urogynecology and with a dependable reputation, her doctor recommended Dr. Filmar.

At first, visit to a new doctor is somewhat uncomfortable, and if you're like most people, you have tons of questions. Susan was no exception to that rule and demanded all the answers. This is when she realized how committed Dr. Filmar was to his patients

“I called the clinic several times with questions before and after my surgery. The first time I called, Dr. Filmar’s nurse told me he would call me back later in the day. To my surprise, no more than 2 minutes went by and  I received a phone call from him. Each time I called, Dr. Filmar would return my phone call within the hour.  He listened carefully to all my concerns and I felt comfortable asking him the smallest of questions.  Dr. Filmar truly takes a personal interest in his patients. His interest in my wellbeing was extremely reassuring and it made the difference in my recovery.”

- Susan L. -



                                                                              Dr. Gilad Filmar, MD

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