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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Vasectomy?! Are You Crazy?!

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Vasectomy, just hearing those words sends chills down a man’s spine. The taking away of your loins is not something you ever wanted to experience. By this time, you have already made up the decision that you don’t need any more kids. You love your wife, and through research, you have learned that getting a vasectomy is much easier, safer, and more reliable than her getting her tubes tied. So what should you expect? Is there high risk? How long does the procedure take? What about the pain after?
These are all things that need to be addressed before deciding to undertake the dreaded “vasectomy.”

Do Vasectomies Work?

With an experienced doctor, only 1 in 1,000 is unsuccessful. That is an amazing success rate compared to female sterilization, which is 1 for every 100 becoming pregnant. There are as many as 500,000 vasectomies performed in the United States annually. It is an extremely popular procedure in many other countries where the cost of performing the surgery free. For instance, over a third of the men in Canada are sterilized and over half of the male population in New Zealand has undergone the procedure.

How long does a Vasectomy take?

The procedure itself is very safe and convenient. You will be in and out in the same day and it can be done in a doctor’s office or surgery center. Depending on how experienced your doctor is, the procedure can take anywhere between 10-30 minutes and is implemented under local anesthesia. 

Post Procedure

After the procedure is complete you must not engage in sexual activity, any lifting or sports a week after the procedure is done. Just to be on the safe side, employ another use of birth control at least three months after your vasectomy. There is still sperm present and it’s a good idea to get your sperm count checked to make sure it is at a zero.

Is there Discomfort?

The pain afterwards may include sore testicles, but nothing that is unbearable. It’s a great option if you are considering not having any more children. The procedure is safe and is much less complicated and inexpensive than your spouse undergoing surgery.


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